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The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals is a high-tech academic journal authorized by the China Association for Science and Technology, sponsored by The Nonferrous Metals Society of China and published by the Science Press of China. It was started in October 1991. It is published quarterly in 1991-1999, bimonthly in 2000-2003, and monthly from 2004. The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals promptly reports the new theories, technologies and methods in the field of nonferrous metals science and technology. It includes two main columns: materials science and engineering; mine engineering, metallurgical engineering, and chemistry and chemical engineering of nonferrous metals. In view of total citation number and impact factor, this journal has become one of the most famous scientific and technical journals of China.

Recent Research Most Viewed

Selective extraction Re by N235 in eluent of flue gas
WANG Hai-dong, WANG Song-rong, GAN Min, FAN Xiao-hui, DENG Qiong, GUO Hui
Design and development of non-Pt catalysts in water electrolysis for hydrogen production
XIONG Kun, GAO Yuan, ZHOU Gui-lin
Chloride leaching of Pt-Pd concentrates
LIU Zhi-qiang, ZHOU Xiang-qian, ZHANG Kui-fang, QIU Xian-yang
Geochemical characteristics of auriferous pyrite in Longtoushan gold deposit, Guangxi Province, China
TAO Shi-long, LAI Jian-qing, ZHANG Jian-dong, QIAN Li-hua, HU Li-fang, CAO Rong, YOU Fei, HUANG Chong, LI Liao-hui, HUANG Rui, LIANG Chong-gao
Review and practice of deep mining for solid mineral resources
LI Xi-bing, ZHOU Jian, WANG Shao-feng, LIU Bing
Preparation of submicrometer mesoporous silica microspheres and fitting calculation for elastic moduli
CHEN Yang, CHEN Ai-lian, QIN Jia-wei, LI Ze-feng
Influence of B on thermal stability, soft magnetic properties and electrical resistivity of Fe94-xNb6Bx glassy alloys
FA Yang, ZHU Man, TAO Peng, NAN Rui-hua, JIN Chang-qing, JIAN Zeng-yun, CHANG Fang-e
Review of functional electrolyte for lithium-ion battery working in wide temperature scope
HONG Bo, YAN Xiao-lin, HONG Shu, LAI Yan-qing, LI Jie,JIANG Feng
Controllable preparation of one-dimensional tungsten nano-structure arrays
WANG Chao, HE Yue-hui
Tribological performance of lead-free Ni-contained copper-steel bimetal bearing materials
YIN Yan-guo, TANG Hong-yue, JIAO Ming-hua, ZHANG Guo-tao, XUE Lu, TIAN Ming
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