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The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals is a high-tech academic journal authorized by the China Association for Science and Technology, sponsored by The Nonferrous Metals Society of China and published by the Science Press of China. It was started in October 1991. It is published quarterly in 1991-1999, bimonthly in 2000-2003, and monthly from 2004. The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals promptly reports the new theories, technologies and methods in the field of nonferrous metals science and technology. It includes two main columns: materials science and engineering; mine engineering, metallurgical engineering, and chemistry and chemical engineering of nonferrous metals. In view of total citation number and impact factor, this journal has become one of the most famous scientific and technical journals of China.

Recent Research Most Viewed

Application of NP(EO)n with different polymerization degrees in acid bright copper plating
ZHANG Zhen, HUANG Jin-dou
Gas holdup in pressure agitation leaching system
TIAN Lei, LIU Yan, Lü Guo-zhi, TANG Jun-jie, ZHAO Qiu-yue, ZHANG Ting-an
Copper recovery from copper-containing wastewater through treating membraneless microbial fuel cell and its electricity production
LIU Wei-ping, YIN Xia-fei, LU Juan-juan, LIANG Guo-bin, CHEN Yue-mei
Numerical simulation of multiphase flow in bottom-blowing furnace for lead smelting
ZHANG Hong-liang, TANG Zhuo, CHEN Yong-ming, YE Long-gang
Gold self-leaching optimization of neutral roasted products of gold concentrate by response surface methodology
XU Tao, ZHAO Liu-cheng, LI Shao-ying
Recovery of noble metals in chlorination-leaching solution by potential-controlled reduction method
HU Yi-wen, HE Qiang, WANG Ri, WANG Qiu-yu, HUANG Shao-yong
Mechanism of agglomeration and dispersion during flotation process of serpentine and ascharite
LI Zhi-hang, HAN Yue-xin, LI Yan-jun, GAO Peng
First principle calculation of electronic structures and optical properties of copper and nickel doped FeS2
WU Jia-jia, MA Wan-kun, JIAO Fen, QIN Wen-qing
Comparison of direct reduction-magnetic separation process on ferruginous and magnesian laterite ore
LIU Zhi-guo, SUN Ti-chang, WANG Xiao-ping
Attitude corrections of attitude rotational invariant in airborne frequency-domain electromagnetic method
LI Guang, QU Xiao-dong, HUANG Ling, FANG Guang-you
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