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Numerical simulation analysis of effects of processing parameters on forming process of vertical continuous core-filling casting for copper clad aluminum billets with large section
LIU Xin-hua, FU Xin-tong, FU Hua-dong, XIE Jian-xin
Homogenization treatment of as-cast Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Zr-0.12Ce aluminum alloy and microstructure evolution during homogenization
YUAN Xin-xiong , YIN Deng-feng, YU Xin-xiang, PAN Kang-guan, LU Shao-kang, HU Ting, Lü Zheng-feng, ZHU Zhen-feng
Recovery of metal values from waste printed circuit boards using a cascading alkali leaching process
GUO Xue-yi, JIANG Xiao-jian, LIU Jing-xin, LIU Yang, LIU Zi-kang
Magnetic flux leakage behavior and finite element analysis of Hazelett continuous casting machine
TIAN Jun-wei, LU Guang-xi, WU Li-hong, GUAN Shao-kang
Structure of high concentration of sodium aluminate solution
HUANG Jing, YIN Zhou-lan, LIU Wei, WEI Ting-ru, DING Zhi-ying
Thermal expansion characteristic of CNTs/7075 aluminum alloy composites prepared by friction stir processing
LIU Fen-cheng, QIAN Tao, XING Li, LIANG Wei
Numerical simulation of heat transfer coefficient between bath and lining in aluminum reduction cell
YANG Shuai, LI Jie, ZHANG Hong-liang, ZOU Zhong, LAI Yan-qing
Microstructures and properties of CNTs/Al matrix composites prepared by rotational friction extruded processing
LIU Fen-cheng, XIONG Qi-ping, QIAN tao, LIU Qiang, XING Li, KE Li-ming
Corrosion-wear behavior and synergy mechanism of H13 tool steel in molten aluminum
XIAO Hua-qiang, CHEN Wei-ping
Microstructures and mechanical properties of spray-forming high magnesium aluminum alloy during large strain hot rolling
FAN Cai-he, YAN Hong-ge, PENG Ying-biao, ZHOU Wei, ZHOU Xing-ling
Effect of synergistic action between ultrasonic power and solidification pressure on secondary dendrite arm spacing of vacuum counter-pressure casting aluminum alloy
YAN Qing-song, LU Gang, LI Cheng, SHEN Jia-li
Effects of two post-weld treatments on mechanical properties of aluminum alloy welded joint
WANG Jiang-tao, ZHANG Yong-kang, ZHOU Jin-yu, LU Ya-lin, CHEN Ju-fang, GE Mao-zhong, SUN Ling-yan, YE Xia, ZHANG Chao-yang
Effect of pre-stretching on synchronization of shape and property in creep age forming of 2124 aluminum alloy
XU Fu-shun, ZHANG Jin, DENG Yun-lai, ZHANG Xin-ming
Low-temperature retrogression of spray formed 7075 alloy
SU Rui-ming, QU Ying-dong, LI Xiang, YOU Jun-hua, LI Rong-de
Preparation of large-volume semi-solid slurry of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu aluminum alloy by weak electromagnetic stirring
ZHAO Jun-wen, GUO An, XU Chao, LI Wei, DAI Guang-ze, WU Shu-sen
Utilizing alunite comprehensively from Zijin copper tailings by directly pressure acid leaching
KUANG Ge, HU Song, CAI Yang-yang, LI Huan
Effects of laser heat treatment on surface-interface properties of anodic oxidation film on 7475 aluminium alloy
WANG Jin-chun, KONG De-jun
Effects of coarse S phase on hot deformation behaviors and microstructure evolutions of 2E12 aluminum alloy
CHEN Yu-qiang, SONG Wen-wei, PAN Su-ping, LIU Wen-hui, TANG Chang-ping
Solidification behavior of A356 aluminum alloy during rheo-diecasting process with self-inoculation method
LI Ming, LI Yuan-dong, QIU Jin, ZHANG Ji-yuan, BI Guang-li, MA Ying
Effect of ultrasonic impact during welding on microstructures and mechanical properties of TIG welded joint of 2A14 aluminum alloy
CHEN Qi-hao, LIN San-bao, YANG Chun-li, FAN Cheng-lei, QU Hong-tao
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